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National Educational Research Forum
Welcome to the website for the National Educational Research Forum.

NERF was formed in 1999 by the then Secretary of State for Education, David Blunkett, to develop a national strategy for educational research. In the first few years there was an intensive consultation and discussion phase, and from 2002 – 2006 NERF focused on collaborative and developmental action to improve the quality and impact of research for the education sector.

NERF came to an end on 31st March 2006. This website is being maintained as a place to access many of the useful reports and notes of activities undertaken. A final report of NERF activities is available here

NERF was an independent organisation. It was chaired by Sir Michael Peckham and had thirteen members, a Director, and an Executive Team.

NERF undertook a number of projects on issues such as the impact and communication of research, research funding, capacity building, policy and practice. For details of these projects click here . One of NERF's strategic proposals was for a National Evidence Centre for Education. To see the report of this working group click here

NERF Published a number of working papers on capacity building, systematic reviewing, research strategy, evidence centre, D&R programmes, priorities, practitioner engagement, policy and research and about NERF itself.  And a termly Bulletin which provided evidence for teaching and learning for practitioners from all phases of education

NERF developed links to a range of organisations and initiatives. Click here for details

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