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Resource Area

The content on these pages ceased being updated in 2010 so may contain out of date information.


What is a Resource Area?

The educational evidence portal helps you find educational evidence from a range of reputable sources using a single search engine. A Resource Area is essentially a place within eep which offers access to highly relevant evidence based materials and information on specific subjects or for key target groups. A Resource Area may take a broad subject area, e.g. Brain Science and highlight resources or information that organisations or individuals with specialist knowledge have suggested will be of generic interest. The focus is usually on current or key guidance material, research reports and policy documents. The Resource Area acts at some level as a ‘taster’ for a particular subject or group and therefore you will also find links to other useful websites within it.

In cases where it is considered that there is currently minimal resource available or where the resource is quite scattered, a Resource Area will be quite expansive and attempt to draw together in one place the most current or key resource. 

Where there are already one or more prominent sites servicing a particular subject or user group, the Resource Area will seek to complement and signpost to existing high quality UK resource, as well as signposting to relevant international links. Content for Resource Areas is drawn from a range of websites, not just those of organisations contributing to eep.

Resource Areas are not meant to be mutually exclusive and once the number of areas multiplies sufficiently, links from one Resource Area to others that are relevant will be clearly signed.

Resource Areas are constructed in partnership with lead organisations who are prominent or have expertise in the field to which the resource areas relates. if you or your organisation would like to work with eep to develop a Resource Area, please contact Similarly please get in touch if there are publications which you think it would be important to include on an existing Resource Area or if you have other more general feedback on the Resource Areas.

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