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The content on these pages ceased being updated in 2010 so may contain out of date information.


Practitioners & Evidence

Practicioners & Evidence

In this Resource Area you will find links to documents, networks and other resources about practitioners & evidence. In this context, the word evidence refers to that which is based on research. There are many ways in which practitioners engage in or with evidence. Here you will find links to:

  • digests of research written for practitioners
  • summaries of recent research
  • networks, projects and schemes
  • studies and reviews about practitioners & evidence

Many kinds of people are interested in how practice can be informed by research evidence. Some read research articles and reports, many more use teaching materials that have been informed by research evidence. For others, professional development and professional associations are the route.

Some individuals, schools colleges, local authorities and other organisations engage directly in research themselves. Individuals may be researching as part of a higher degree or doing action-research or involved in school or college projects. Institutions may have a research capacity and may be part of a wider network.

The purpose of this Resource Area is to provide examples of these kinds of activity and to suggest ways in for those interested in getting involved. To this end it offers ideas, contact points and some tools to support engagement with evidence.

This Resource Area provides links to a wide range of initiatives, documents, networks and other resources about practitioners & evidence, including digests of research written for practitioners, guidance on using research evidence in practice and studies of research utilisation. It offers ideas, contact points and tools for individuals, schools, colleges, local authorities and others.

This Resource Area is growing as people send in information about initiatives, networks publications and websites. Please contact us at if you have something to offer.

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