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Research reports and publications

There is a wide range of reports, articles and books on practitioners and evidence. The sample below is expected to grow as readers send in recommendations. It is organised into: 

  • Using evidence
  • Practitioner research
  • Collaborative research

 Using Evidence 

  • Using evidence

This 2007 book by Sandra Nutley, Isabel Walter and Huw Davies is a meticulous, comprehensive and evidence-based review of research on how evidence is used in many areas of public life including education. It includes chapters on the practitioner and policy contexts. Details from Policy Press are available here.

  •  Practitioners and evidence

This concise report is based on a review of studies on how practitioners in various fields interact with research evidence. Written by Mark Rickinson, Janie Percy-Smith and Andrew Morris for CfBT Education Trust in 2007, it provides advice for people commissioning or designing R&D projects to help them influence practice. The report is available here.

 Practitioner research

  • Research Tool-kit

This volume, published by NFER, is useful to teachers, education researchers and education students. Written in accessible language with illustrative examples, the Tool-kit covers topics such as planning your research project, sampling, searching for literature and gathering evidence of pupil work. It is designed to be more digestible than a weighty text book on research methods. The volume is available here.

  •  Empowering researchers in FE

This book by Yvonne Hillier and Jill Jameson is about fostering capability to undertake research amongst practitioners. Taking further education as the context it provides ideas and advice about getting involved, carrying out research and making use of it. The book is available here.

  •  Research engaged school

A set of publications from NFER based on its research engaged schools project covers the role of researchers, local authorities, leaders and other issues. The publications are available here

 Collaborative research

  • Collaborative research in practice

This report from the former Learning and Skills Development Agency offers ideas and advice about organising research involving universities and colleges working together. It is based on the principles and practices of the LSDA regional research scheme (2000 - 2004) and the annual evaluations of it. It discusses how to choose topics, the roles that are played and ways of making a difference. The report is available here.

  •  Learning how to learn

This four year research and development project within the Teaching and Learning research Programme (TLRP) involved four universities, working in partnership with schools in five LEAs and two Virtual Education Action Zones. It aimed to advance both understanding and practice of learning how to learn in classrooms, schools and networks. A range of publications arising from it is available via the TLRP website. Further information is available here.






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