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Policy documents

This page contains policy documents from two organisations:

The National  Educational Research Forum

In 2003 NERF suggested the name 'D&R' to indicate that programmes were needed in education, as in other fields, that combine research with development of practice. The usual phrase, R&D, was reversed to indicate that often development needs to lead research. Key documents are:


Proposals put to the secretary of state for education and skills in 2003

The document can be accessed here.

Review of the proposals by Marshall Smith and Michael Feuer in 2004

The document can be accessed here.

The Innovation Unit

In 2007 the Innovation Unit published a study by Tom Bentley and Sarah Gillinson, drawing on what we know about innovation and research within education and areas such as healthcare, information technology and pharmaceuticals. It examines the importance of users and collaborative development in generating and spreading innovation and calls for greater teacher involvement through D&R.

A D&R system for education 

The study can be accessed here.


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