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D&R is a relatively new concept. It has been developed in a D&R network - a group of individuals and organisations who come together occasionally in workshops to share experience and develop thinking. New members are invited to join at any time.

The following documents have been produced by the D&R network to explain and exemplify the approach

D&R programmes: concept and practice (2006)

A study based on the experience of the series of workshops of what had been concluded about the D&R concept and how it works in practice. Recommended as an introduction to the idea.. The study can be acessed here.

Modeling D&R programmes: workshop report (2005)

An earlier report of a one-day workshop with people who run or fund research or development programmes about the feasibility of piloting D&R. This report can be downloaded here.

Modeling D&R programmes: an initial exploration of features (2004)

An initial study based on interviews with key researchers and developers about the potential of the idea of programmes that integrate research with development. The study can be acessed here.

To illustrate the approach, links are provided to a number of D&R programmes run by people in the network.

To find out more email the network convenor: Andrew Morris at

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