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Policy documents

This page contains a number of key policy documents relating to behaviour and engagement in learning for young people within the criminal justice system as well as an analysis of the impact of New Labour’s youth justice reforms and position papers on policy reform.

The Staying Safe Action Plan, 2008

Published in 2008 the Staying Safe Action Plan set out central governments approach to ensuring the safety of children and young people.

DCSF (2007) The Children’s Plan: Building Brighter Futures

The Children’s Plan sets out government plans for the next ten years. It is based on five principles:
•    government does not bring up children – parents do – so government needs to do more to back parents and families;
•    all children have the potential to succeed and should go as far as their talents can take them;
•    children and young people need to enjoy their childhood as well as grow up prepared for adult life;
•    services need to be shaped by and responsive to children, young people and families, not designed around professional boundaries; and
•    it is always better to prevent failure than tackle a crisis later.
A progress report The Children’s Plan: One Year On can be found here.


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