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Remotely delivered careers and guidance-related services

Remotely delivered careers and guidance-related services

Remotely delivered services

The influence of technology has significantly influenced individuals' behaviour patterns in terms of how and when they access and utilise careers and guidance-related services to meet their particular needs. The alternative channels of communication that technology provides further enhance access to individually tailored and personalised services. There is compelling evidence that increased volumes of users are now accessing both telephone and online support services. The increase in online usage partly reflects the impact of mass marketing and the general popularity and penetration of the internet, particularly broadband, throughout the UK.

Research indicates that guidance delivered by telephone can be of a high quality measured against standards used in the assessment of face-to-face guidance. Telephone guidance can also be effective, with callers attributing both hard and soft outcomes to the intervention, but especially for outcomes such as increased motivation, self-awareness and confidence, and a greater awareness of opportunities. A particular feature of high quality and effective telephone guidance is delivery staff who are well qualified and highly trained to deliver information, advice and guidance services.

The resources in this section include the key providers of remotely delivered services, evaluations of the impact of service delivery, as well as other relevant material. Together they demonstrate the power of technology to support organisations' careers learning, work experience and employment advisory services and to provide new opportunities to gather more systematically information on customer journeys and career trajectories.

The Careers, work experience & employment online resource provides useful links to documents, networks and other practical resources and is organised under the following six key policy areas:

Each of these resource areas is being developed in association with a variety of organisations involved in the policy development and delivery of careers education, information, advice and guidance.

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