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Research reports and publications

This section contains the following publications that include evaluations of the impact of remotely delivered services and discussions on important policy issues and priorities:

Hall, L., Wreford, S. and Huckle, C. (2008) Connexions Direct: User Satisfaction Survey 2008. RW042. London: DCSF.

A survey of a large sample of Connexions Direct users covering all channels of communication including telephone, webchat, email and website.

Lambley, C. (2007) Connexions Direct Mystery Shopping Survey 2006/7. RW021. London: DCSF.

A mystery shopping survey of all of the Connexions Direct channels of enquiry and covering a variety of scenarios including Careers, Sexual and Mental Health Issues, and Family and Personal Relationships.


Lambley, C., Smith, A. and Fairbrother, L. (2007) Connexions Direct Website Evaluation 2007. RW025. London: DCSF.

An independent evaluation of the CXD website from the perspective of current users and from groups of young people who are under-represented as users of the service.


National Audit Office (2005). Extending Access to Learning Through Technology: Ufi and the Learndirect Service. Report by the Comptroller and Auditor General. HC 460 Session 2005-2006. 4 November 2005. London: National Audit Office.

An examination of the success and cost effectiveness of the learndirect service in England.


Page, R., Newton, B., Hawthorn, R., Hunt, W. and Hillage, J. (2007). An Evalulation of Ufi/Learndirect Telephone Guidance Trial. DfES Research Report RR833. London: DfES.

An evaluation of the learndirect telephone guidance trial in terms of generating and meeting demand and achieving short-term positive outcomes.


Tyers, C. and Sinclair, A. (2004). Tracking Learning Outcomes: Evaluation of the Impact of Ufi. RR 569. London: Department for Education and Skills.

A survey of a large sample of learndirect helpline users and of individuals participating in learndirect courses.


Watts, A.G. and Dent, G. (2008). The Evolution of a National Distance Guidance Service: Trends and Challenges. British Journal of Guidance and Counselling, 36(4), 455-465.

Three trends in the evolution of the UK learndirect advice service are identified and each is discussed in terms of the extent to which it is linked to changing patterns of customer needs and behaviours, or the effects of policy decisions.


Watts, A.G. and Offer, M. (2006). The Current and Potential Role of ICT in Delivering Information, Advice and Guidance. IAG Review: Research and Analysis Phase Summary of Thematic Literature Review for the Consultative Workshop 3rd March 2006 Briefing Papers prepared by the research partners. Derby: Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby.


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