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DfES (2006). Youth matters: Next steps. Norwich: HMSO.

A policy review report aimed at transforming support services for children and families in England.


Department for Industry, Universities and Skills (2007). World Class Skills: Implementing the Leitch Review of Skills in England. Cm.7181. Norwich: HMSO.

The Government sets out the ambition of becoming a world leader in skills by 2020,
benchmarked against the top quartile of OECD countries.


Leitch Review of Skills (2006). Prosperity for All in the Global Economy - World Class Skills. Norwich: HMSO.

The Leitch Review was tasked in 2004 with considering the UK's long-term skills needs.
The Review found that, even if current targets to improve skills are met, the UK's skills base will still lag behind that of many comparator countries in 2020.


Department for Children, Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills (2009). Careers Wales: A Review in an International Perspective. Cardiff: Welsh Assembly Government.

A review of career services in Wales that includes online services.




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