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Policy priorities

Policy priorities

Throughout the UK changes in ministerial leadership have resulted in new and evolving policy structures and strategic priorities across all four constituent countries.

Closing the gap between the 'skills rich' and the 'skill poor' is a high priority for government and local / regional agencies. Results from the OECD (2006)  show that England is ranked 18th for low skills, 20th for intermediate skills and 11th for high skills compared to other nations. The Government's 'Leitch Implementation Plan' (2007)  made explicit how best to achieve the optimal skills mix in order to maximise economic growth, productivity and social justice. This emerged from the Leitch Review of Skills (2006)  commissioned by the Chancellor of the Exchequer (now Prime Minister) and the Secretary of State for Education and Skills which emphasised the concept of 'career', linked to aspiration and progression, with recommendations for a new universal careers service for adults. Three years on, in the midst of an economic recession, key policy priorities focus on tackling NEET, rising unemployment, entrepreneurship and the economic health of our nation.

The Careers, work experience & employment online resource provides useful links to documents, networks and other practical resources and is organised under the following six key policy areas:

Each of these resource areas is being developed in association with a variety of organisations involved in the policy development and delivery of careers education, information, advice and guidance.

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