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Policy documents

This section provides links to the most recent government policy strategies relevant to careers, work experience and employment:

DCSF (2009) Your child, your schools, our future: building a 21st century schools system. Norwich: HMSO

This White Paper proposes new Pupil and Parent Guarantees that set out new entitlements to personalised support for every child, and guarantees for every parent. It sets out plans for securing these guarantees across the country, outlining changes to the curriculum, school partnerships, leadership and responsibilities.

DCSF (2007). The Children's Plan: Building Brighter Futures. Norwich: HMSO

The Children's Plan outlines newly devolved arrangements that include requirements for a seamless universal and targeted support service with significantly improved career education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) in all schools and colleges and the introduction of new quality standards in information, advice and guidance.



Quality, Choice and Aspiration - A strategy for young people's information, advice and guidance

This strategy has been informed and influenced by the report 'Fair Access to the Professions' by Alan Milburn and his panel. It builds on Alan Milburn's report and takes forward the majority of the recommendations relevant to IAG. It also builds on the Schools White Paper, which stated that it was both a moral and an economic imperative to ensure that when every young person turns 18 years of age they have the knowledge, skills and qualifications to give them the best chance of success in adult life in the 21st century.

Principles of impartial careers education in England - consultation document



The Education and Skills Act 2008. London: HMSO

This Act was jointly developed by DCSF and DIUS (now known as DBIS) as a landmark piece of legislation that includes the raising of the education leaving age to 18, rights for adults to basic and intermediate skills and carers education for young people strengthened by impartial information, advice and guidance.



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