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Pedagogy and curriculum development

 Pedagogy and curriculum development

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Now and in the future individuals must prepare themselves for occupations different from those which we are familiar with. Labour markets are fast changing and the skills of effective decision making, resilience and adaptability now feature as pre-requisites for success in a wide range of differing occupations and employment settings. Workplace norms are shifting with individuals having to learn to cope with uncertainty and risk as part of the process of managing their career, work experiences and potential employment opportunities.


In our 21st century the nature and purpose of education is 'contested territory'. Academic and vocational divides are being challenged at all levels. The art or science of being a good teacher, facilitator or transmitter of new knowledge requires new forms of pedagogic practice operating in a world of fewer certainties and greater risks. New legislation and statutory guidelines are having a significant impact upon curriculum content, design and delivery in schools and colleges. Children, young people and adults must discover things about themselves, make sense of their surroundings, and eventually grow and develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes that will inform and shape their future lives.

This section provides an overview of frameworks, guidelines, research findings and policy influences that form the basis of stimuli materials for critical reflection and action.


The Careers, work experience & employment online resource provides useful links to documents, networks and other practical resources and is organised under the following six key policy areas:

Each of these resource areas is being developed in association with a variety of organisations involved in the policy development and delivery of careers education, information, advice and guidance.

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