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Key research reports and publication

This section contains details of primary research, covering some interesting emerging ideas in the 'Brain, Mind and Education' field.

erceptions of the role of Neuroscience in Education. Innovation Unit Investigation Howard-Jones, P., Pickering, S. and Diack, A. (2008) Perceptions of the role of Neuroscience in Education. Innovation Unit Investigation. 

A report that captures the debate around the role of neuroscience in education and investigates the perceptions of teachers about the importance of neuroscience in their training. The report is available here.

  The Tools of The Mind' programme.

Details of a US-based pre-school programme that has been demonstrated to actively develop 'self-regulation' skills in young children. Details are available here.

Fostering creativity: co-constructed insights from neuroscience and education Howard-Jones, P. (2008) 'Fostering creativity: co-constructed insights from neuroscience and education' The Higher Education Academy - ESCalate.

A report that describes strategies for developing creativity in the classroom, drawn from a recent collaborative project between drama teachers and scientists to explore how scientific perspectives on creativity can link to practice. The report can be viewed here.

  There are many popular science magazines around now that often have good articles on various aspects of neuroscience that may be relevant to learning. First and foremost, in terms of readability at least, is New Scientist, which comes out weekly. There is also now a separate edition of Sci Am called Scientific American Mind, which is highly recommended.


Times Educational Supplement, 'Brain and Behaviour' articles, (2006-2008)

 Development Disorders 

Pulling use from common neuromyths

Environmental factors and the brain

Social perspectives on learning and development

Teaching and Learning Skills


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