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Guidance and toolkits

 The following page contains links to key guidance documents and toolkits associated with the work of ASTs.


AST Induction handbook

The aim of this guidance is to help newly appointed ASTs, headteachers, governors and LAs by providing some examples of good practices, procedures and protocols. These can be adapted to suit individual situations or provide a stimulus to the development of fresh approaches. The handbook is available here.

Performance Management and Advanced Skills Teachers

The aim of this guidance is to help ASTs, their line managers and those who coordinate their outreach to participate in setting up and maintaining meaningful Performance Management arrangements for Advanced Skills Teachers. This information can be found here.

Building on your strengths: guidance for head teachers and governors

This is aimed mainly at head teachers and governors and tells them about the AST grade, and the benefits to their teachers and their school. This information can be found here.


Building on your strengths: guidance for teachers

This is mainly aimed at potential ASTs and gives them a brief outline of what an AST is, presents the AST grade as a career and answers some common concerns. This information can be found here.


Groupworking Pilots: Summary of Findings

This document summaries the outcomes of a pilot which involved eight LEAs who set up projects to consider whether the use of groups of ASTs working together might be more effective than the sum of their individual efforts. This information can be found here.


AST Case Studies

TASTs operate in a variety of ways depending on the priorities of the school and the LA where they are based. Examples of what ASTs are doing can be found here.



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