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The Higher Education Academy

The Academy's mission is to help institutions, discipline groups and all staff to provide the best possible learning experience for their students.
Strategic aims and objectives
  • To be an authoritative and independent voice on policies that influence student learning experiences
  • To support institutions in their strategies for improving the student learning experience
  • To lead, support and inform the professional development and recognition of staff in higher education
  • To promote good practice in all aspects of support for the student learning experience
  • To lead the development of research and evaluation to improve the quality of the student learning experience
  • To be a responsive, efficient and accountable organisation
QA procedure

Academy Publications Quality Criteria - this policy applies to print and online publications from the Academy (York). The editorial requirements of this policy do not apply to publications commissioned by the Academy but produced independently. Editorial control for all publications bearing the Academy imprint rests with the Academy.

Publications will be edited in accordance with the Academy's house style. The final decision on publication and content rests with the relevant Director on SEG.

In addition to the above policy, the following process is applied in the production of literature reviews and research papers:
  • All work is produced within a template framework and style guide to ensure consistent outputs.
  • Completed reports undergo peer review by reviewers from an approved list. Additional peer reviews are undertaken where appropriate.
  • Following peer review, authors are invited to comment and amend accordingly.
  • Papers are then submitted to Academy experts for final assessment of academic quality prior to proofing and publication.
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