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Selection criteria

Two kinds of source can be searched through the Educational Evidence Portal:
  • in the 'search all' mode, collections of documents are searched from the websites of a wide number of organisations
  • in the 'search selected' mode, a database of selected documents is searched selected by a smaller group of organisations and indexed in greater detail
In each case, they include:
  • research reports, articles, reviews or summaries
  • statistics or data
  • practitioner guidance
  • inspection reports, policy or statutory documents

Collections and documents have been selected by the supplying organisation according to the criteria outlined below:

'Search websites' collections

Collections of documents are areas of websites of all the organisations contributing to eep that include documents based on, or containing, evidence of relevance to eep users.

Typical collections are broad website areas entitled 'publications' or 'research reports'. Inevitably, searches of collections are likely to retrieve some material that is not directly relevant to eep.

'Search eep database' documents

Individual documents have been selected for the eep database by a subset of organisations according to the following criteria:

  • based on or contain evidence that is authoritative, relevant, credible and easily accessible
  • have passed through a defined and transparent quality assurance procedure
  • can be recommended for readers with limited time, for example teachers
  • are one of the types of document listed above

Any document may be in summary or full form

Scope of materials on eep

eep materials currently cover any area of education and training in the UK. This includes:

  • early years, schools, further, adult, work-based, community and higher education
  • relevant aspects of
    • children's services - in health, social care
    • youth work
    • employment - such as in-company training and New Deal
    • community engagement - involving, for example, parents and community groups

Topic areas include the management and delivery of the education service as well as teaching and learning. Materials are selected on the basis of potential interest to, and suitability for, key audiences, rather than from a list of topic areas.


There are many groups who may find eep useful, some of which are listed below. Materials need to be suitable for at least some of these:

  • teachers and associated learning professionals
  • parents, employers and governors
  • teacher trainers
  • institutional decision-makers
  • local and regional officials
  • officers in government and associated agencies
  • students

It is also likely that researchers from other fields and colleagues from overseas will find the portal useful.

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