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Studying at university, but at what cost? Leading UK universities plan on implementing the maximum tuition fee.

February 17, 2011

"Find research on University fees and its impact on eep."
“High-fee universities warned of sanctions” (BBC 10/02/11)
“Cambridge 'planning to raise fees to £9,000” and “Oxford heads towards maximum fee” (BBC, 8/02/11)
“University elite forced to take fixed quotas of state pupils” (the Telegraph, 11/02/11)
“Universities may be barred on top fees” (the Times, 11/02/11)
“Law could stop student fees of £9,000, Maximum fee should apply only in exceptional cases, say ministers” (Guardian, 11/02/11)

Relevant research on eep
More fees please? The future of university fees for undergraduate students
This report carried out by Policy Exchange considers the impact on students and universities of the top-up fees for undergraduates that were introduced in 2004. It examines the contemporary state of university finances and asks what higher education will look like in the future if sufficient investment is not forthcoming.

The widening socio-economic gap in UK higher education
This technical paper provides empirical evidence on the socio-economic gap in HE participation, for the period spanning the introduction of tuition fees in 1998.

"Does it pay to attend a prestigious university?"
This technical paper aims to provide evidence that returns to higher education vary by the type of institution attended even after accounting for the heterogeneity of students.

Changing fee regimes and their impact on student attitudes to higher education
This research project was conducted to provide evidence of the impact of introducing the new variable HE fees regime in England on young people's decision-making about HE admission and on the shape and organisation of the HE undergraduate market place.

Future arrangements for higher education funding
The report attempts to highlight some of the trade-offs that would be involved in reforming the current system of fees and loans applying to full-time undergraduate study.

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