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Educators need research evidence to underpin practice and policy making. Because evidence is so widely dispersed and many people have limited time to look for it, a group of organisations came together to try to create a central point of access. The eep Project (Educational Evidence Portal) is the result, run by a growing consortium of bodies. The consortium was originally coordinated by the National Educational Research Forum (NERF) as part of its investigation into ways of improving access to high quality educational research. Since 1st May 2006, this role has been taken on by CfBT Education Trust.

The project began with a preliminary study in May 2004 commissioned by the then Teacher Training Agency (TTA) from BEI (British Education Index). This outlined the factors that would need to be addressed in making evidence from different sources readily accessible. The study recommended that key providers of research join together to agree common standards for presenting their information.

An eep development group was subsequently constituted, with members from interested educational organisations to investigate the feasibility of a web portal. eep is the result of this independent consortium. The consortium has grown steadily in the past two years. Current members of the development group are listed in About eep.

Microsoft as part of its Partners In Learning agreement with the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) has generously provided technical support to develop the site. A pilot version for use by contributors to eep only was created in May 2006. During summer 2006 this was evaluated by a number of users & populated with resources from organisations. The public version of eep went live in September 2007.

For further background information please contact the consortium at

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The educational evidence portal is run by a consortium of partners in collaboration with theEPPI Centre
  at the Institute of Education, London as part of its development of the wider European EIPPEE portal